Tropical Waves May Threaten Southeastern U.S. or Gulf of Mexico

We have already had a busy tropical season and we are just getting into the climatological peak of the North Atlantic Tropical Season, which goes from now through mid-October. In fact, tropical activity is beginning to pick up in the Tropical North Atlantic.

There are two potential tropical storms out there at this time, which both may threaten the Southeastern United States and the Gulf of Mexico into next week.  The tropical wave passing south of Jamaica looks like the less significant threat of the two. It is expected to continue to move northwest and is likely to become a Tropical Depression over the next day. As the storm approaches the Yucatan Peninsula, that will limit it’s ability to strengthen, though it may fine new life as it enters the Gulf of Mexico.

Source: National Hurricane Center

Source: National Hurricane Center

Tropical Depression 13 is another story. Computer models say the system will threaten the islands of the northern Caribbean and potentially the southeastern mainland United States next week, perhaps as a powerful hurricane. The intensity will depend on if the storm is able to stay mostly over open water and not interact with many of the Islands.

Interests in the Caribbean and along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the United States should continue to monitor the progress of this system over the next week.

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