Record-Breaking Snowstorm Strikes Northeast U.S.

Although winter did not officially begin until this past Monday — December 21st – Mother Nature delivered a walloping of snow to a large portion of the northeastern United States last Wednesday and Thursday.

The heaviest snow from this storm fell over portions of northern Pennsylvania, Upstate New York, and central and northern New England, and in many cases was record-breaking. The National Weather Service office in Binghamton, NY, 40.0” of snow fell, breaking the previous single-storm record by nearly five inches. Nearby Litchfield, Pennsylvania recorded an eye-popping 43.0” of snow, while further east, Ludlow, Vermont measured 44.0” inches of snow.



Even the Interstate 95 corridor received significant snow with this storm, though not nearly as much as locations to the north. Central Park in New York City measured 10.5” of snow. This was its largest snowfall since January 2016 and its largest December snowfall since 2010.

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