Delta Only the Latest Hurricane to Strike Louisiana in 2020

The State of Louisiana is certainly no stranger to hurricanes and tropical storms. This year has been exceptionally busy, though. Hurricane Delta became the latest storm to strike the state when it make landfall last week as a category 2 hurricane last Friday, with maximum sustained winds of 100 mph. Delta was the sixth tropical cyclone to make landfall in Louisiana in 2020, striking just 12 miles east of where Hurricane Laura made landfall in August as a category 4 hurricane.

Tragically, four people are known to have lost their lives due to Hurricane Delta. The storm also caused extensive damage and knocked out power to 638,000 customers in Louisiana alone. As of Tuesday, more than 101,000 customers remained in the dark across the state.

Source: NBC News

Source: NBC News

While there are no tropical cyclones currently in the Atlantic Basin, the North Atlantic Hurricane season runs until November 30th, meaning places such as the U.S. Gulf Coast are far from out of the woods.

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