Tropical Storm Imelda Floods Region Devastated by Harvey

September is considered the peak of the North Atlantic Hurricane Season. This week, it was Texas’s turn to face the wrath of a tropical system. Tropical Storm Imelda only packed winds of up to 40 mph when it made landfall, but it has dumped very rainfall over much of southeastern Texas in recent days.

In Houston, 9.21” of rain fell on Thursday alone, making it the wettest September day on record and propelling this month to the wettest September on record. Meanwhile, in nearby Galveston, 17.77” of rain have fallen since Tuesday, including 6.20” on Wednesday and 6.80” on Thursday, respectively.

Source: ABC News

Source: ABC News

Even heavier rainfall totals were reported northeast of Houston, with over 30” of rain falling in parts of the area. Tragically, two people lost their lives due to Imelda. At the same time, thousands of cars were caught in the floodwaters. Since Hurricane Harvey flooded many of the same areas back int 2017, Imelda’s floods even set back some of the recovery efforts in the region.

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