Floodwaters Continue to Ravage Mississippi River Valley

The month of May featured a large amount of severe weather in the central United States. Tornadoes grabbed most of the headlines, as several that hit the region turned deadly.

However, another devastating impact of the severe weather that is still ongoing is the near-record flooding over much of the region. The flooding is especially severe along the Mississippi River near St. Louis, Missouri, where floodwaters have reached levels not seen since the record floods of 1993. A levee near the small town of Winfield, Missouri broke on Sunday, forcing evacuations in the area. It was one of 28 levee breaches in the State of Missouri. Even the city of St. Louis has been impacted by the flooding, as a pump station was overwhelmed and left several crowded hotels without hot water.

Source: KY3

Source: KY3

Unfortunately for the waterlogged region, more heavy rain is in the forecast this week as multiple low pressure systems track near the area. The active pattern is expected to continue through at least mid-June, which will only exacerbate flooding problems in the area.

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