Multiple Rounds of Snow Blast Northeastern U.S.

While much of the winter of 2018-19 was nearly snowless in the northern Mid-Atlantic and southern New England, snow returned to the region with a vengeance over the past week. The first system struck last Thursday, dumping 3 to 6 inches of snow across portions of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, including the cities of Providence, RI, Worcester, MA, and Boston, MA. One day later, another system laid a blanket of snow across the Mid-Atlantic states, including 3 inches in Philadelphia, PA, and 4 inches in Ocean City, NJ.

But Mother Nature was not finished yet. Less than 24 hours later, a coastal storm dumped snow across both the Mid-Atlantic and southern New England. Four inches of snow fell at Central Park in New York City by Saturday morning and up to 6 inches fell across the North Shore of Long Island, and the south coast of New England.

The biggest storm, though, was the last one, which occurred Sunday into Monday. This storm produced a swath of greater than 10 inches of snow stretching from the Lower Hudson Valley of New York State to the coast of northeastern Massachusetts. The highest reported totals were 16.5 inches in both Pomfret, CT and Burrillville, RI.

Source: Danbury News Times

Source: Danbury News Times

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