Plains, Midwest Experience Record Flooding

Though the Great Plains region of the United States is not known for its heavy rainfall, a very intense low pressure system brought days of heavy rain, snowmelt, and record flooding across much of the area. Some of the worst flooding occurred in eastern Nebraska and Iowa. Last Sunday, the Missouri River reached 30.2 feet in Freemont County, Iowa, which topped levees and flooded towns such as Bartlett and Thurman. That level smashed the previous record in the area by two feet.

It was a similar story along the Platte River near North Bend, Nebraska, where a levee was breached, flooding the surrounding area. The floodwaters even damaged 30 buildings at the Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. Though it has been over a week since the rains ended, flood warnings remain in effect along rivers such as the Missouri, Platte, and the Mississippi.


Unfortunately for the waterlogged region, another storm will bring the threat of rain and snow to much of the Central U.S. towards the end of this week. That said, the storm is not expected to be as severe as the one that caused the record flooding in the area.

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