Snow Largely Absent so far This Year in Boston, New York City

While blasts of bitter cold and snow have hit much of the central and eastern United States in recent weeks, the snow has missed parts of the northeast almost entirely. The biggest snow hole so far this winter has been Boston’s Logan Airport, which has measured just 2.3 inches of snow so far this winter. That total is 22.5 inches below normal to date. It is also the second-least amount of snow this far into the winter behind 2006-07, which had 1.8 inches to date. However, if Boston fails to record at least 6.8 inches of snow between now and the end of the season, this winter will break the record for least snowy year on record set in 1936-37.

Source: The Boston Globe

Source: The Boston Globe

Meanwhile, New York City received 6.4 inches of snow back on November 15th, meaning the record for season-low snowfall will not be broken there. Yet, very little snow has fallen there since. Just 1.1 inches of snow were measured at Central Park for all of December and January this year, the lowest total for those two months since 1997-98, when 0.5 inches were measured.

While mild temperatures this week will preclude any snowfall in these locations this week, longer range computer models are indicating that the snow-drought may end for both cities next week. Details, however, are uncertain at this time.

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