Winter Storm Strikes Upper Midwest, Interior Northeast

One week after a winter storm struck the portions of the Midwest and Northeast, another storm targeted much of the central and eastern United States. This time, the wintry impacts were further north, targeting primarily the upper Midwest into the interior Northeast.

The storm caused a plane filled with 129 passengers to skid off the runway at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Saturday. Fortunately, no one was injured. Five inches of snow were measured at O’Hare Airport, while nearby Lincolnwood, Illinois reported 10.3”.

Source: WTMJ-TV

Source: WTMJ-TV

Further east, the snow targeted areas well northwest of the major cities along the coast. By late Sunday, Burlington, Vermont measured 17.5 inches of snow, its largest January snowstorm since 2010. Meanwhile, Albany, New York reported 13.9 inches of snow, which was its biggest snowfall in the month of January since 2003. To the south, freezing rain wreaked havoc, with Meriden, Connecticut measuring 0.60” of ice. Thousands in central Connecticut lost power due to the ice toppling trees and power lines.

Another storm is bringing snow and ice to portions of the Midwest, including Chicago. However, this system will bring rain to most of the eastern seaboard, with some mixed precipitation possible well inland.

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