Hot Weather Takes Toll on U.S. Open

A late-season has gripped much of the northeastern United States this week, with temperatures easily surpassing 90 degrees and dew point temperatures in excess of 70 degrees in many locations.  This latest round of sultry weather arrived in time to affect the U.S. Open tennis match in New York City.  High temperatures at nearby LaGuardia Airport reached 98 degrees on Tuesday and 97 degrees on Wednesday, with heat index values above 100 degrees. 


The heat was intense enough that officials allowed male tennis players to take a 10-minute break between the third and fourth sets.  Typically, only women are allowed to take such a break between the second and third sets.  Even that was not enough for some, as four players had to quit in the middle of their matches due to the heat.


Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Relief from the heat is expected for New York City on Friday and Saturday, as high temperatures are expected to remain in the 70s both days.  It will be short-lived, however, as 90-degree temperatures are once again possible by early next week.

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