Very Warm Weather Visits United Kingdom

While much of eastern North America has been dealing with very cold temperatures so far this April, it has been a different story on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Recently, unseasonably warm temperatures have visited the United Kingdom, even breaking some records.  On April 19th, St. James Park in London recorded a temperature of 29.1 degrees Celsius (84.4 Fahrenheit), which broke the old daily record of 27.8 C (82 F).  Thursday was also the warmest April day in London since 1949, when the temperature reached 29.4 C (85 F).


Source:  The Evening Standard

Source:  The Evening Standard

The warmth also impacted the London Marathon, held on April 22nd.  That day, the temperature rose to 24.1 C (75.3 F), the warmest temperature ever recorded at the London Marathon.   The previous record high for the marathon date was 22.7 C (72.8 F), which was set in 1996.

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