Second Nor’Easter in a Week Strikes Northeastern States

Another powerful nor’easter – the second in under a week – struck the northeastern United States.  While the winds and coastal flooding did not stack up to last week’s storm, impressive snowfall totals were reported once again.  The highest totals were further to the southeast compared to the last system, focused on northwestern New Jersey, portions of southeastern New York State, northwestern Connecticut, and western Massachusetts.  Some of the largest snowfall amounts were Woodford, VT with 35.0 inches and Clarksburg, MA with 32.0 inches.  Numerous other totals in excess two feet were reported in those areas as well, including Warren, CT with 28.0 inches and Montville, NJ with 26.8 inches.

March 7 2018 storm.jpg

Though the major east coast cities did not receive nearly those amounts of snow, they did receive accumulations.  Philadelphia International Airport reported 6.1 inches of heavy wet snow, its largest March snowfall since 2015.  As for Boston, Logan Airport officially reported 6.4 inches of snow, but Chelsea reported 8.6 inches of snow for the storm.  These snow totals in Boston were notably similar to those from the storm that occurred on March 14th of last year.

New York City, despite multiple reports of thundersnow, received little snowfall compared to surrounding areas, with Central Park reporting just 3.2 inches of snow.  Even parts of Suffolk County, which were forecast to receive less snow than New York City, received higher totals with Oakdale reporting 8.9 inches.


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