Rain Douses California Fires, Threatens to Cause New Problems

In recent weeks, large tracts of northern California have been charred by the “Camp Fire.”  As of Friday morning, the fire has scorched through over 150,000 acres and destroyed over 18,000 structures.  Tragically, 84 people have been killed in the fire over 600 remain missing.

Fortunately, relief has arrived for the battered region.  A low pressure system is bringing heavy rain and mountain snow to the area, which is expected to continue through Saturday.  Two more low pressure systems are expected to bring more precipitation next week.  As a result, the fire is 95% contained as of Friday morning and is expected to be fully contained by November 30th.

Source: CNN

Source: CNN

However, the precipitation is expected to bring new problems for towns still reeling from the Camp Fire.  Since the fire burned nearly all of the vegetation in the area, there is nothing to hold the soil in place in the event of a heavy rainfall.  Thus, mudslides will become an issue, which could destroy even more homes and businesses as well as hamper rescue efforts.

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